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Find it in your company.

Turn it into financial value.

Use my proven methods to get there.



One-day method distilling the idea which creates new financial value for your company.

Start Here…

Game Plan


30-day method developing the tactical game plan for extracting the financial value created.

Then, Go Here…



90-day method supporting all aspects of launch and execution of the strategy.

Finish Here.


But first, create the right conditions.

Know The Craft.


“One of the most well-written business books I've read in the last decade.”

— Angelique Rewers, CEO of The Corporate Agent 

The Craft is a playbook for corporate executives seeking to become the kind of ‘super-athletes’ who have the ability to redefine the entire game.”

— Dana Frix, a former managing partner of Chadbourne & Park LLP

The Craft takes a no BS approach to those go/no-go moments that can make or break a company.”

— Marshall Guttenberg, senior product manager,

“Great take-aways. Can't wait to put them to use. Highly recommended!”

– Derrick Raymond, principal for corporate development and M&A, KPMG LLP

“Mailander has the rare ability to take complex concepts and share them in an accessible form.”

— Andrew Jones, Co-Director, Climate Interactive

“The Craft is a must-read playbook for anyone who manages teams, sells valued services or negotiates transactions for a living.”  

— Jim Philip, corporate board member and investment banker

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About the Author

Chris Mailander

Chris Mailander has worked across five continents and nine industries helping CEOs, leaders of nations and global investors navigate their most critical moments – while creating billions of dollars in new financial value for the companies and economies they lead.  

He has been the acting or interim CEO of three companies, chief corporate affairs officer leading a tax-free corporate spin-out, CEO of an international corporate development firm, senior director of new venture development for a $3B global management consulting firm, and vice president of a global communications company. 

He earned an advanced legal degree with honors from Georgetown University Law Center, where he was also an adjunct professor. He has been an adjunct fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a leading foreign policy think tank, and is the author of a number of academic journals.


“As a CEO and leader, Chris leads from the front.”

— William P. Schwab, Esq., Colonel, Aviation, US Army (retired)

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