Chris Mailander

If your job is to grow, innovate or transform your company, I have both good news and bad news.

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First, the bad news…

It is about them — those across the table from you.

Your Board. Investors. Employees. Customers. Partners. Investors. Opponents.


It is about how they perceive the world.

It is about how they react to the conditions around them.

It is about what motivates them, and what they fear.

It is about how they think. Or, don’t.

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Here is the good news…

… there are secret codes, techniques and methods you can master.


The Craft reveals the deep secret to true corporate innovation, growth and transformation:

Your success will be determined by your ability to decode the underlying beliefs, values and attitudes of those who sit across the table from you.

How your board, investors, customers, partners and employees perceive, react and think under differing situations will either unlock the exponential financial value harbored within your company – or, block it.

Managing these deeper codes is a craft which eludes most CEOs and senior executives.  As a result, they misplay the most critical inflection points where real financial value can be created – including enterprise sales, M&A transactions, financings, exits, reorganizations and negotiations.   

The Craft sets forth the techniques and methods for integrating this knowledge and understanding into the corporate strategies of companies around the world. 

Releasing May 2019

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About the Author

Chris Mailander

Chris Mailander has worked across five continents and nine industries helping CEOs, leaders of nations and global investors navigate their most critical moments – while creating billions of dollars in new financial value for the companies and economies they lead.  

He has been the CEO of two technology spin-outs, an international corporate strategist to private equity investors and governments, senior director of new venture development for a $3B global management consulting firm, and vice president of a global communications company.  He earned an advanced legal degree with honors from Georgetown University Law Center, where he was also an adjunct professor.  He has been an adjunct fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a leading foreign policy think tank, and is the author of a number of academic journals.



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