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Chris Mailander’s speaking engagements draw upon his diverse experience in political Washington, Corporate America and with governments around the world buying and selling national assets — including in war zones and post-conflict societies — revealing how decision-makers perceive, react and think in their most critical moments.


Where Corporate Strategy, Financial value and Psychology collide


Chris’ talks emanate from the real-world challenges faced by corporate decision makers, including navigating the strategic and financial imperatives of the enterprise within the unpredictable cauldron of human emotion and performance under pressure.

His illustrations — in some cases, quite literally, ‘war stories’ — are drawn from such experiences as:

  • Strategizing with the National Security Council in the Indian Treaty Room of the Old Executive Office Building,

  • Negotiating corporate transactions in international law offices from Washington, DC, to London, Munich and Kiev, 

  • Collaborating with Silicon Valley technologists and engineers in search of bold, wild disruptions,

  • Shepherding new commercial initiatives in post-conflict nations through the Pentagon brass,

  • Buying and selling state assets and companies across Africa, the Middle East and former Soviet Union,

  • Working policy initiatives through the marble halls of Congress,

  • Breaking bread with warlords and the powerful in Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Algeria and other war-torn nations seeking to define their new futures, and

  • Stepping in and out of the inner sanctums of multinational corporations and banks extending from Chicago to Manhattan, Los Angeles to Mexico City, Toronto to Dubai managing whatever promises to define these companies next.


Chris Mailander is author of The Craft.

The Craft reveals how corporate executives perceive, react and think in their most critical moments.

“One of the most well-written business books I've read in the last decade.”

— Angelique Rewers, CEO of The Corporate Agent


The Craft is a playbook for corporate executives seeking to become the kind of ‘super-athletes’ who have the ability to redefine the entire game.”

— Dana Frix, a former managing partner of Chadbourne & Park LLP

The Craft takes a no BS approach to those go/no-go moments that can make or break a company.”

— Marshall Guttenberg, senior product manager,

“Great take-aways. Can't wait to put them to use. Highly recommended!”

– Derrick Raymond, principal for corporate development and M&A, KPMG LLP

“How very unselfish of Mailander to reveal the components of his successful strategies.”

— Cecil Jividen, MDiv 

“After nearly three, well-travelled decades in boardrooms and battlefields, he has distilled and encapsulated the tools of successful CEOs in The Craft.”

— William P. Schwab, Esq., Colonel, Aviation, US Army (retired)


“Chris Mailander is a clear voice crying out in the wilderness of business leadership.”

— Lion Goodman, executive coach and former executive recruiter


The Craft should be kept in the office of any executive, dealmaker or board member as a quick reference guide for dealing with the toughest business challenges.”

– Edward M. Philip, member of the board, Hasbro and Bombardier


“[Mailander] has the rare ability to take complex concepts and share them in an accessible form.”

— Andrew Jones, Co-Director, Climate Interactive

Listen to Chris narrate Chapter 3 of The Craft:


‘Aha Moments’ Corporate Speaking Series


Decision-Making Under Fire

It takes 10,000 hours to master your craft. It takes 13 seconds to blow it. A step-by-step check down to getting the big decision right in the moment that will define everything that comes next.

Sorting the Good Guys from the Bad

Pressure reveals character, motivation and everything that comes next. Chris shares war stories from the corporate boardroom to dinners with warlords.


Corporate leaders must perform well in many diverse environments. Chris reveals his methodology for getting a clean read on the situation, profiling the actors, and creating the conditions for everything that comes next.


Your Audience.

Chris crafts his talks to meet your needs.


Off-the-Record Sessions

Forum: Intimate, confidential working sessions with executive teams, partnerships, and key stakeholders

Audience: 6 to 12 executives


SALONS & Executive Roundtables

Forum: Executive sessions by industry or C-level domain

Audience: 10 to 25 executives


Corporate Keynotes

Forum: Corporate and industry events

Audience: 50 to 500 executives


How It Works.

30-Minute Call (No Charge)

Discussion of intended purpose, desired outcomes and objectives, current situational context, prospective forum and composition of audience

Preliminary Diagnostics & Strategy

Private dialogues with key executives to decode audience dynamics, develop the architecture to achieve the desired purpose, and optimization of the forum

Presentation & Engagement

Travel and delivery


Book signings, executive working sessions, deep-dive diagnostics and facilitated break-outs


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